28 September 2018

RavenClawEric Speaks

At long last, there may be light at the end of this tunnel.  You have no idea how sick I am of this nonsense, and I know for a fact that when Ruth Bader Ginsberg falls off the twig, it'll start right straight up again.  Frankly, I've seen better-looking corpses than her, the way she looks these days.  Not that she was ever an oil painting, or that I have any room to point fingers.

Ever since bloody 1973, the Supreme Court has been the captive of the Roe vs. Wade decision.  I remember carrying papers to my customers that announced that decision, and figuring that that had been decided, once and for all.  I was wrong---I've seldom been wronger---but in my own defense, I was only 12 at the time.  Ever after that, every nomination to the Supreme Court has had to go through an endless fuss where everybody knows that Roe vs. Wade is the big issue at hand, but almost nobody has the cojones to say it.

I think part of the reason that liberals are so fanatical about defending Roe vs. Wade is because almost all their big gains were not gained by appealing to a majority of voters, but by court decisions.  They're afraid that if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, we'll be headed on a toboggan straight back to the 1950s.  They also cannot understand that overriding the wills of a majority of voters, not once in a while or for extreme emergencies (like getting rid of Jim Crow), but as SOP, creates doubt in the voters' minds about the democracy we supposedly espouse.  

I've made myself thoroughly unpopular by telling some liberal friends of mine that if they're so worried about the right to an abortion they should grow up, put on the big boy/girl pants, and get buckled down on passing a Constitutional amendment mandating that abortion be legal, no ifs, ands, or buts.  Of course, that would mean work, and we all know how pampered urban liberals feel about work...much less about getting out and talking with people outside their safe little bubble worlds.

And I've said the same thing, in reverse, to my fanatically anti-abortion friends (and yes, I do have some.)  I've pointed out that most Americans don't oppose abortion per se, but would prefer that it remain rare, and that if they're so madly gung-ho about not "killing babies", as opposed to punishing women for having s-x, maybe they should be pushing birth control with all their might along with getting stuck in on a Constitutional amendment banning abortions.  The way they shriek and clutch their pearls at the forbidden words "birth control" confirms my suspicion that the conservative movement picked up this nonsense partly from hanging with the Catholics, and partly from their own philosophical, and in some ways physical, descent from the people who were never really on board with the social changes that started with World War One.  I've met conservatives who would be blissfully happy if they could make everything like it was at about 1900---like that ultra-lame Spider-Woman villain, Turner D. Century.

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