31 August 2018

Rain Rain Mutter Mutter

We've had normal Gulf Coast Florida weather lately.

Hot and sunny until the afternoon then torrential rains until evening.

After a couple years of brown lawns and depleted aquifer, this is actually nice.

But I have a picture in mind for my T2K style still life series, and the rain isn't cooperating for when the light is best to take the pic.



  1. Yup, we are having similar rain issues up here in the north country (SW Michigan), warm, humid and rain every other day in August and now September. Will recall how nice this was when we are keester deep in snow in about 3 months.

    Reminds me of my times at Howard AFB in Panama (canal zone), you could set your watch by the rains starting at 2 PM.

    Nice sheet metal surgery there chief, file it smooth so it looks even then put a silicone plug when done. You can make one in situ with some wax paper, waxed cord and masking tape to form the back side and the outside profile then hand sculpt. Good GE 50 year silicone sealant will make a great flexible cap.

  2. Of just redneck it with a strip of 100 MPH tape.


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