26 August 2018

Yes The Rules Are Broken

At two yards the likelihood of only sucking up 10 #9 pellets out of 293 from a .410 is unlikely.  The extremely close range rules are likely broken because GURPS 4e is more cinematic than realistic.

A single pellet will do some damage.  1d-5(0.5) pi- = 0 can't be true since a #9 pellet will penetrate about 6 inches of tissue at 7 yards.

Don't use a role-playing game to decide if your home-defence loads are effective!

Don't discard the game because it's not a complete simulation of reality!  Cinematic is a lot more fun to play than harsh reality.  "BANG, report to character generation," gets old for players very quickly.

1 comment:

  1. Even worse is when a GM decides to ignore how the rules are supposed to work

    MANY years ago, playing 2013 Cyberpunk, I had a tango dump a mag from a mini Uzi at me. Instead of taking each hit individually against my armour (as is SUPPOSED to be done), the GM took the total in one lump sum. SO basically, I was shot with an Uzi and hit with a 155mm


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