14 August 2018

This WIll Sound Racist

"Teach black people not to assault."

The Zimmerman and Drejka cases have a few similarities.

Both were assaulted by a black man.

Both shot and killed that assailant.

Both claimed self defense.

Neither was charged initially.

Both are arrested later because the racists (REAL racists) descended and demanded "justice".

I predict that months from now, and metric truck-loads of money spent on lawyers, Mr Drejka will be a free man.

The process is the punishment.

I also predict that Mr Drejka's life, like Mr. Zimmerman's, is ruined forever.  The racists will not let him rest.

At the end of all of this, guess what else?  Martin and McGlockton are still dead.


Because they assaulted someone who had the means to defend themselves.

I've read thread after thread on the Drejka shooting and absolutely nobody who condemns the shooting is condemning McGlockton's assault.


There's the problem folks.

Fix that, Mr Sharpton!  Even if Drejka is found guilty of manslaughter, it doesn't change the fact that Mr McGlockton is dead because he attacked someone first.

Take note that the person who was the target of Mr. Drejka's ire was not shot, despite a verbal altercation over a parking place.  Mr. McGlockton initiated the violence and got more than he wanted in return.

PS: A step back isn't a retreat.  Watch the video again, once he's got a round in his chest, Mr. McGlockton demonstrates what retreating looks like.

PPS: How many of us have drilled at the 7 yard line for pistols because of the Tueller Drill?  You might notice that the shot happens at about 1 yard.  If you're condemning this shoot, are you changing your training regimen to wait until the assailant is closer?

PPPS: If you're condemning this shoot are you saying that it's OK for someone to assault you then back off a bit without consequences?  That's nearly literally saying, "It's OK because he only hit me once!"

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