14 August 2018

When Minutes Count

We're familiar with the line, "when seconds count, the police are minutes away."

That scales.

When minutes count, the police are hours away.

This is why so many laws are broken brazenly.

Like parking in a handicapped spot without a placard.

Illegal use of these spots carries a hefty fine.  $250 for simply using the space.  $500 for using someone else's permit!

Running a red light is just $200.

Parking your car in the wrong spot carries a larger fine than running a red light.

Process that for a second.

Now, to the law abiding citizen watching all this lawlessness you begin to wonder why you should put up with it.

You try to call the police about infractions and you get a glacial reaction speed from them.  You often get told that since an officer did not see the crime take place they can't do anything about it.  You begin collecting excuses from law enforcement as to why they can't, you know, enforce the law.

Sooner or later you're going to boil over and say to someone, "you can't park there!"

Wanna know something else?

It's not illegal to tell someone they're breaking the law.  It's not illegal to have a shouting match over it.

It is illegal to park in a handicapped spot without a permit.
It is illegal to assault someone who's having a shouting match over your girlfriend's illegal parking.

Someone would be alive today if he'd just said, "Baby, don't park there.  You drive around the block while I run into the convenience store.  Meet you out front."

Process that while you're pondering.


  1. No respect to Wil Wheaton but Wheaton's Law holds.

    Don't be a Dick.

    1. Don't be a dick is older than Wheaton.

      Sooner or later being a dick has to cost them something, or the dicks take over from civilized folk.

      Dick #1 parked in the wrong spot. Cost her a boyfriend.
      Dick #2 yelled at her for it. Gonna cost him a lot of money, if not his freedom.
      Dick #3 attacked Dick #2. Cost him his life.

      It's got a balance to it.


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