14 August 2018

Maybe A Food Allergy

I spent much of yesterday thinking I'd killed myself.

I decided that chips and guac would make a fine breakfast and a few bites in my heart rate was soaring.

BP was fine.  No trouble breathing.  99% blood ox.  No secondary symptoms of heart issues.

Gorgeous sinus rhythm running at 150 bpm.

They think that it's sounding more like a food reaction, but not anaphylactic... 

They ask about prescription meds and I mention my panic attack antihistamine...  They tell me to take some.

I start feel a bit better, then a lot better.

They send me home for a nap.

I feel some better after the nap and do full shambling zombie getting The Boy and making supper.

After supper, I augered in hard.

I feel great today!


  1. Damn, man. I hate that "We don't know, so just stop eating everything" response some medicos give out.

    Wife had her tongue turn into a 5lb bass, went to hospital, rather rapidly, doc after doc came by and said food allergy. About 2 hours into a rather energetic emergency room visit a rather staid and laid back doc wandered by, looked at her chart, and said "Classic Lisinopril reaction. Don't take it anymore." Problem solved.

    Talk to your pharmacist. They often know more about drug reactions and interactions than the docs. Might be one of the meds you are taking.

    Take care of yourself. Who else will be making weird GURP and T2K cross-postings about their guns?

    And if you or your buds have any SKS gas tubes or original magazine assemblies lying around, Murphy at Lagniappe's Lair ( http://lagniappeslair.blogspot.com/ ) is desperately searching for these parts and doesn't want Tapco products. He's hoping to find someone who's got parts lying around from tacti-cooling their SKS.

    1. Try hitting up Erin for the SKS parts. She's got one that's all tarted up.

    2. I'm betting it's a preservative in the Sabra brand guacamole that's supposed to keep it from turning brown. Tachycardia from the food portions is just not how people present.

      I know I present normally to food allergies because I react that way to mushrooms.

    3. That salad spray they use in restaurants to keep things green does, er, unfortunate things to me. So I feel your pain.

      I'll see if Erin can help Murphy out. Who would have thunk that SKSes could become expensive, and their parts scarce.


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