03 August 2018

Kipling Was A Nazi!

In fact, he was such a Nazi, he had been since 1913, when this copy was printed!

Or he used the swastika because of his romantic affinity for India.

It really needs to be remembered that the Nazis didn't create the swastika, they merely adopted it... then ruined its use for everyone else who'd already been using it innocently.  Ask the Finns about it sometime.


  1. I have an antique, hickory shafted golf club called a Marvel mid-iron that has a swastika stamped on the bottom. It was manufactured sometime in the 1920s. My father received it from a Jewish gentleman that he caddied for back in his youth. Seems a bit ironic now. Found a similar one on ebay...........


  2. The Native Americans of the Southwest United States might have something to say about it as well.


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