04 August 2018

I've Got An Answer And You Won't Like It

On the whole, gun violence is a cultural thing.

There's a whole culture that's safe as houses with guns.  The gun culture.

But the question was "What are other nations doing right??!!"

The places where there's low violence we also tend to see mono-culture.  The diametric opposition to multi-culture and inclusiveness.

Where we have lots of violence in the US is where we've got different culture.

Because we're an inclusive, high-trust society; we tolerate sub-cultures and alien cultures in our midst.  It's labeled racism to notice and mention which cultures in the US have a violence problem.

I suspect that if we fired up the crucible again and demanded the melting-pot be allowed to work like it used, then violence would drop as the US became more mono-cultural.  At some points in US history it was literally join or die.  My Italian great grandparents remembered it, and they were WHITE EUROPEANS!

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