03 August 2018

Fun On The Expressway

I'm tearin' down the Veteran's Expressway heading towards Tampa.

Got the cruise set at 70... ten over, in the express lane.

A St Pete cop car merges onto the road and sets his cruise at 70...

A red (aren't they all?) Ferrari comes from over the horizon behind us, going a LOT faster than 70...

I can hear him downshifting as he matches speed behind the cop car.

Bear in mind that we're 25 miles from St Pete.

But St Pete did a bad job of indicating whose car it was on the back of the vehicle and their cars are just similar enough in paint-style to Tampa's that the Ferrari driver couldn't tell.

And he was sure upset that this cop had materialized into his life and ruined his drive.

I can sure empathize.

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