07 August 2018

The Inventors Of Golf Were White

Sarah Jeong claims that we white-folk done culturally appropriated everything but skiing and golf.

Golf was invented in Scotland.

So, we've established that Scots are white.

This Scotland.

OK, Ms Jeong.  Since you're of Korean descent, you are henceforth required to stop your cultural appropriation of MY people's works.

It's a long fucking list, ain't it?

She can't even ride a bike to work without misappropriating Scottish culture.  Pedal power, pneumatic tires and tube steel.  Can't even make a bike.

Alexander Fucking Graham Motherfucking Bell was Scottish, Bitch.  Did you use the internet?  Because without him, there'd have been no infrastructure to build out the internet.

Get cash out of an ATM?  Using a PIN?  Stop misappropriating my culture!

You're not getting much of anything done without a log table either.

Been immunized against papillomavirus?  Enjoy the non appropriational purity of cervical cancer, Ma'am.

How's about antibiotics?

General anesthesia?

Flush toilet?

A refrigerator?

Played GTA?

It's a lot more than Golf.

But I expect they didn't teach any history or economics (Adam Smith, Scot) in journalist indoctrination polytech, did they?

1 comment:

  1. Just like the knuckle draggers over on Storm Front, all hard-line racists are idiots.

    My frustration is people who differentiate the same behavior depending on how they feel about the idiot exhibiting that behavior.


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