02 August 2018


All of a sudden, one day, I just stopped really liking folding and collapsing stocks.

They've still got some curb appeal for how they make the anti-gunners have cases of the feels...

But I'm just not a fan any more.

The Tantal really rubs that lesson home with how Gods-Awful the T2K period correct folders are.  Never mind an underfolding AK.

Kaylee sports one because she's an M4 carbine clone.  Sabrina sports one because she's an XM177E2 clone.  Both are NFA items.

Mollie Bean the PSAKM has one because Magpul did a good job with their Zhukov folding stock.

Harvey's Platoon Carbine, Cheyenne, (NFA item) sports one because she's a recreation of a particular gun.  Her M4gery, Kevina, has one because... she hasn't hit the lack of appeal yet.

FuzzyGeff's AR's have them because; FUCK YOU DIANNE!  I think that's even a quote.

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