30 August 2018

Remember What I Was Saying About Acronyms Losing Meaning

Because NPR in this article simply cannot mean National Public Radio.

The reason I disbelieve is NPR has toed the gun-control narrative line for as long as I can remember.

Yet, I cannot make "The Onion" out of these three letters no matter how hard I try.

h/t FuzzyGeff


  1. Hey Angus;

    I read the article, and it was impartial and yes I was surprised considering how long NPR has been carrying the water for HCI and other groups for years. I almost wonder if the person that wrote the article will find themselves unemployed for not following "groupspeak"

  2. In times like this I follow a rough version of the two sigma chi squared statistical test: If it happens less than 5% of the time it's probably a random event.

    Just as blind squirrel will find an acorn, an NPR story will tell the truth regardless of agenda. If it happens less than 5% of the time, it's a random event.


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