22 August 2018

Just My Accumulation Once Again

America's Super Gun Owners

The only guns I actively collect is .25s.

I was on a streak getting a Finnish Mosin collection going, but burned out.  I need a 24, 27 and 28 to round it out.  Then the lack of sub-variations and makers will eat at me.  Never mind that completing the Mosin collection would lead to a desire for a rynnäkkökivääri 62, and that's an eyewateringly expensive AK, let me tell you.

Some guns get nabbed for nostalgia.  I lugged their military counterparts around, and it must have broken something in my brain... it's akin to Stockholm Syndrome I think.

Some guns got bought because I thought it would complete a little diorama, still life.

Most of them, though, get bought to Grok in their fullness.  To see how the parts interact and understand how they function.

Because I am a bad salesman, I also tend to not sell anything because I never get my money back on an appreciating asset.

Thanks Mack!

1 comment:

  1. I love how every journalist and news outlet fervently sticks to that tiny number of guns in this country. 300 million is about the number of NICS checks since 1998 and they act like it's all the guns in the country.

    I can't find it the link to weaponsman's, PBUH, article but I think he's way closer.


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