10 August 2018

Badge Of Rank

Willard and I were contemplating the atrocious double action pull on the P-64 and we came to a, tongue in cheek, conclusion.

Pistols are badges of rank in most armies.

Communist armies tend to have discipline problems.

The awful double action pull won't matter because the first shot is an attention getter, after desperately clawing the gun out of the gun-suitcase-of-a-holster and adrenalining off the stiff safety.

The first shot wakes the recalcitrant troops up and gives them pause.  Subsequent shots will be single action and aimed.


  1. I have one for my casual carry piece, and I use the hammer as a de facto safety.

  2. We spent the summer of 2003 going over the triggers of a couple thousand P-64's imported by TGI down in Knoxville.

    Some of them were so heavy that our gunsmith, who could crack walnuts without tools, needed two fingers to pull the trigger.

    Apparently, the original guns were hand-fitting intensive, and our guess was that at least one arsenal refit had been done by detail stripping guns into parts piles, replacing grossly out-of-spec parts, and reassembling guns from these random piles. This caused exciting adventures in the phenomenon of tolerance stacking, and was the likely reason some guns had decent triggers and others needed extensive attention to make them usable.

    1. Mine is very stiff, but I can do it with one finger. I just don't think I could hit minute of bad-guy very far out double action.

      Single action is rather nice. Need to get to the range to check on it.

      The safety is an aggravating part too. Sometimes it's smooth, sometimes it really hangs up. It's getting better the more I play with it though.


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