30 August 2018

Give Not An Inch

So, Nabisco redesigned its animal cracker box so that it no longer looked like a circus wagon.

Still has Barnum in the name.

Turns out that changing the box, the thing the SJW's were demanding, wasn't enough.

Dear corporations;

Just say no.

When someone demands you change anything you do because Social Justice, just say, "No!"

Alternatively you can say, "Fuck off!"

Social Justice demands are the modern Danegeld, and once you've paid the Danegeld, you never are rid of the Dane.

1 comment:

  1. Remember how the gays were planning to shut down Chick Fil-A for opposing gay marriage? I see more and more outlets for that chain all the time. Unfortunately, way too many chains and companies are run by sniveling cowards who tremble at the thought of demonstrators outside their doors.


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