24 August 2018

Performance Enhancement Magazines

Like Viagra for your AR?

Surplus EPM magazines are now trickling out to the unwashed silly-villian population at affordable rates.

So I've ordered one to compare to the other three styles of USGI 30-rounders.

Should be interesting!

Going to have to snag me a medium coyote-tan windowed G3 PMAG too, just to have the USMC entry.


  1. Hey Angus;

    Where did you get the mags from, I always am looking for a new source.

    1. https://charliescustomclones.com/products/usgi-m4-m16-30-round-epm-brown-aluminum-magazine

  2. I was issued them. I never saw any improvement over PMags to be honest. Wonder how much that contract cost the tax payer.


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