09 August 2018

For The Professional Hunter

Of cockroaches!

I want a double rifle in .25 ACP.

I've come up with several very sick themes for it, but Professional Cockroach Hunter seems best.

You've got to be ready to protect the client when the roach charges and have two shots of .25 ACP power on hand to do so at a moment's notice.

Think that H&H will take the commission?


  1. That might be a fun job, right up the alley of these guys: http://miniaturearms.org/

    There are some professional guys who make miniature copies, so imagine an H&H double rifle in 1/4 size (or whatever gives you .25 ACP).

    The question, though: is .25 enough gun for a Florida cockroach? I've seen palmetto bugs that I think a 5 year old could saddle up and ride.

  2. http://www.hoferwaffen.com/hofer_52s.php?id=14&lang=en


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