25 August 2018

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Now that I have the EPM coming, and have the three other widely issued USGI mags, I wanted to do a comparison study.

Since the USMC adopted a PMAG M3 window in a particular color, I set out to find one.

Out of stock, no backorder is the word of the day.

I started to check locally, and same deal so far.  Hats off to Craig at ReLoad for scouring the store looking for one!

Dimensionally, it will be no different from the sand colored ones I dyed, so if worse comes to worst...


  1. That is one hella nice range at ReLoad. Wow. Best we have in Gainesville is Beckwiths and an outdoor range.

    100 yard indoor range? Sooo damned neat.

    1. Within a not too arduous drive we have THREE indoor 100 yard ranges.

    2. One place with indoor pistol range. An outdoor range where it's balls hot during not-winter and you have to buy a membership. And a skeet range, again a membership.

      Living in the Democratic People's Republic of Alachuastan, and it's capital city, Gainesville, sucks rocks.

      And, you suck.


    3. I am Dogberry. I am an ass.


    4. Hahaha. Yep. I can see the resemblance.


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