08 August 2018

Germany VS Poland

Hans, Polen, Ja?

It would appear that the PPK/S is the template for the P-64...  Except for preceding it by a couple of years.

The Walther certainly has a better trigger pull and the aftermarket stocks fit the hand much better.  But I know from experience that the Walther bites, I dunno if the ZML does.

France vs Poland bonus round!

Manhurin made PP in .380 against the P-64.

There's just not a lot of functional difference between them.

Unrelated to size comparisons, the safety on the P-64 is getting smoother the more I play with it.  Deburring the detent with use, I think,


  1. I thought Manurhin was Manhurin, too. Someone pointed out to me that it was "Manufacture Rhine" = "ManuRhin". It was like seeing the candlestick turn into two faces in profile.

    1. Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin. Haut-Rhin is in Elsaß.

      A very confused part of the world, "Are we German or French this time?"

    2. Like Danzig/Gdansk, the smart citizen has several flags in the closet available for flying, depending on whose tanks are coming down the road today.

    3. I'm reminded of the scene from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" where Tuco is all excited that the approaching column is wearing gray like he is... only to have the officer beat out the dust on his Union uniform.

      Don't be the first person on the outskirts of town to decide which flag to hang from the window!


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