31 August 2018

Prognosis Good

If GM won't give you tool access.

MAKE tool access!

That's all you needed to do, General, just put an access slot in that bracket.


  1. I had to do that to the door of my GMC Safari in order to replace the pot-metal door latch.

    Now I don't feel so stupid about drilling holes where none were before.

    1. It's especially galling to me that there's this gigantic square hole there that can't be used to access the parts.

    2. Almost like you need some special tool or rig, right? Typical GM engineering. Grrrr.

    3. The service manual says to pull the entire dash, which includes the steering wheel, and removing that bracket I drilled a hole in.

      Instead of about an hour, it's an all afternoon adventure.

  2. I love my wonderbit. No idea where it came from, was in a bit index I picked up at a garage sale. 3/8s tip. and the shaft is a 1/4 burr cutter. Must find more. it's getting dull. Just the thing for installing keyholes, and great for strike plates


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