24 August 2018

Stolen Car

Once upon a time, no shit there I was...

I bought a car that looked just like this one!

I had a fair amount of loose money in my pocket from getting out of the Army in and wanted a new car.  I was dreadfully sick of my Mercury Lynx.

I've always liked this year of Mustang and I had grand plans for hot-rodding it.

I saw the ad in the paper, called the owner, met him at his place, looked it over and forked over the cash and got a signed title.

Drove straight to the Story County seat to get me some license plates and a title with my name on it.

The registration desk was never quick, but this day was taking forever to get me processed.  Because they were stalling and waiting for a deputy to come arrest me.

The car was stolen!

Happily, the deputy believed me and I was more than cooperative about directing them to the seller.  Whom, I was told, was loading a U-Haul when they pulled up and arrested him instead.

I never saw my $3,000 again.  Technically the rat-fuck still owes me for it, but we don't enforce that kind of recovery in America.

The rightful owner of the car got it back.  I hope he drove the tires off it in joy!

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