09 August 2018

T2K Pistol Comparison

Just a little comparison.

When the P-64 was introduced, the M1911A1 was the US standard service pistol.

When the M9 entered service, the P-64 had officially been replaced by the P-83 Wanad, but like the M1911; the P-64 remained in service for much longer.  The P-83's replacement is in service and there's still some P-64s still being issued!

Of note is the philosophical divide about holster and ammo.  European, especially Eastern European, holsters are more enveloping and tend to have a pouch for a magazine built in.  Americans prefer their ammo pouches to be separate from the holster and we tend to go for two spare mags per handgun; although I was only issued a single spare mag and a single cell pouch with my M9.

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