07 August 2018

Who Wants To Take This One?

I think he's missing something essential here, but I'm not in a mental space to refute him right now.


  1. Well, the part that there is no 'moderate' in gun control. You either have gun control or you don't. Simple as that.

    Being moderate with gun control is like trying to say, when one has Ebola, that one is not infectious.

    And, gun control should mean that the operator is getting all the rounds on-target, or in the case of fully auto, in the target area.

    Screw all gun control acts. The 2A states that we have the right to keep and carry whatever we think are arms. We allowed, within reason, some arms control, which has taken most of the fun out of bearing arms. Seriously, I should be able to wear a Gladius around town, if I want. Or a Bazooka and rockets.

    Is that good enough?

  2. Overall I give him 85-90% on everything said, he minces his words a bit in some places ,and over simplifies the supreme court cases to the point in being misleading, but overall they're more mistakes than agenda driven lies.

    That being said, his citation of Reagan and Bush's anti-gun view is a blatant appeal to authority.

    I think the biggest complaint is he spends the majority of the video dissecting the pro-gun points (and he makes some good points on some of our stances we should avoid in open debate and winning hearts and minds) but while he mentions a bunch of anti-gun boilerplate, with the exception of his rolling his eyes at the antis wanting to repeal the second amendment, he doesn't offer any criticism or concern for those items, despite claiming he doesn't support all of them.

    So it's kinda like how the MSM will grab some amateur gun nut, and pit them against a paid lobbyist with a 6-figure salary and a prep team behind them so they can show "both sides of the debate"

    Still I gave him a thumbs up because he isn't just repeating what Michael Bloomberg tells him too, and on YouTube 99% of the gun talk is our side.


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