21 August 2018

Night Sight Restoration Part 2

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a tritium vial to show it glows?

Have you ever tried to show that it's glowing mounted to a rifle?

Do you wonder, once you're done, if there was an easier way?

I say yes to all three.

15 second exposure!  I am glad to have a steady hand.

The vials I can source, from Taiwan and ONLY Taiwan for some reason, are not the right size.  They're ø2mm and not the proper ø2.5mm.  Both are 6mm long.  The front sight should be 5mm long and the rear 7mm.

100% silicone RTV to the rescue!  A teeny glob on each end of the vials centers them and isolates them.  The front pokes out a tiny bit, but there's not enough sight to make it completely flush, so a big glob of RTV goes there.  Since I used white, I also need to paint over it.  Paint over white is even correct!

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