27 August 2018

6.5 Pounds Of Hate

The SS Kresge (Kresge being the K in K-Mart) model 151 20-gauge shotgun is a single shot, single barrel, break-open design that was cheap as dirt when it was introduced and has not appreciated greatly in the intervening passage of time.

A 2-3/4" shell lobbing 7/8 ounces of 7-1/2 lead birdshot does a "massive" 1d-5(0.5) pi- per pellet, the minimum.  But it slings 306 of the things.

With its full choke that means it will do 15 points of crushing damage from blunt trauma out to a whopping 2 yards.

A pity it will take three plus turns to reload it...

If you're not shooting zombies at extremely close range, then your best load is #1 Buckshot.  That's 1d+2(0.5) pi- with 9 pellets and a range of 40/800.  Extremely close range with this and a choke is EIGHT yards!  That's 4x 1d+2 or 6d pi-! And just a DR 4 to deal with.  Average damage will be 8 points inside of 8 yards and...

The average hit on an unarmored torso past 8 yards will do 2 points per pellet.

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