24 August 2015

An Errant Thought

Watching the Planned Parenthood thing unfold.

I cannot help but feel that people with religious objections to abortions should not have to pay for them.  But since tax monies are spent supporting Planned Parenthood, there's no way to avoid paying for abortions despite your religious objection if you're paying taxes.

Along these same lines it occurs to me that such end-runs happen with depressing regularity.

I am thinking there's an obvious solution.

The government can stop spending tax money on things where it interferes with people's religion.

Think of how small our government could be under such a plan!

We could lower taxes dramatically and those without religious objections could now spend their own money funding Planned Parenthood to their hearts content!

Won't happen though.  The kind of people who are happiest with the status quo are also the sort that would never spend any of their money directly on the convictions they hold dear, they're more the sort that feels that everyone, especially someone else, should pay for their beliefs.

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