26 August 2015

Wedge Antilles

He's the only named character in all three of the original Star Wars movies who isn't part of the main cast.

Denis Lawson did such a great job of appearing to be flying his X-Wing and Snowspeeder that it captured my young mind and stuck hard.

I've said it before, he's the only BY GOD fighter pilot in the whole Rebellion.

One thing I've done is to make my Lego X-Wing Wedge's X-wing.  Research materials abound and it's simple.

You extend the stripe on the fuselage past the canopy by changing out the white pieces for maroon.  Then you get his helmet from the two releases ago X-Wing set and his astromech droid from one of two other kits.  Ebay is your friend for not buying whole Lego sets to get small bits like this.

Because parts are coming, so are pics...

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