03 August 2015


Shown here is the Pasco Sheriff's Department testing their new Moisture Resistant Amphibian Protected vehicle.


  1. Very legitimate use for Humvees or whatever other fordable vehicles you can talk the .gov out of. (As long as you have the ability to maintain them.)

    1. Our sheriff has requested some dramatic increases to the budget that, I suppose, could be related to maintaining the "free" vehicles.

      Overall he's doing a good job as sheriff, it's just he's missing that this county elects a new sheriff on one metric alone: Constantly asking for more money. It doesn't matter how legitimate the request is, the voters just get sick of hearing "more!"

    2. Unless your county and/or po-po have access to heavy equipment maintenance, the Lenco Bearcats make more sense long-term, since they can be maintained wherever the county maintains its trucks. They just cost up front, whereas the .gov surplus is an easy sell to county commissions because they're (initially) "free".

      Ask Chuck Haggard sometime about all the good uses these things can be put to between parades and floods. He's got some pretty good war stories.

  2. We've fallen prey to mistakes from the 1033 program before.

    The OH-58 and Bell 206 aren't quite the same aircraft. The world seems awash in 206 parts but not so much in OH-58...

    At least they painted the Kiowas a friendly Po-Po scheme.


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