15 August 2015

Higher Prices

Something I do expect from Verizon Wireless is to further lock out phones that don't come from them.  Ask Anglave how much they liked his Nexus 5...

A foot note in every article about this new deal is that they're going to continue to have a payment plan for your new phone!

Let's pick on Marv...

Marv's share of the plan is $60 now and his $480 phone was $250 out of pocket.  So Verizon has $230 worth of subsidy here.

Under the new plan his share drops to $20.  That means it takes a mere six months to pay off the subsidy at the old $60 a month, but the contract is 24 months...

Assuming that the plan really cost $20 all along and $40 was there to help subsidize phones, of course.  But it's representational.

The devil will be in the details.

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