26 August 2015

Wal Mart Is Discontinuing AR And Tactical Sales

They cite sales being utterly flat.

But everything political nowadays.

But it seems to me that they haven't sold ammo at my Wal Mart for a long time... well it seems like it because they're always out of stock.

The Lovely Harvey bought a 10/22 from Wal Mart years ago and it was the most tedious and painful gun-buying experience we've ever had.

Not even getting NFA was as big a pain in the rear.  Let that sink in.

Update: added a link to CNN I found at New Jovian Thunderbolt's place where he's talking about the same thing.  The Wal Mart spokesman indicates that they really only want the Fudd's in there buying guns and not the rest of us.

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  1. Walmart versions of everything are also terrible. I've seen a lot of reviews of things that anything you buy from them is essentially an official name-brand cheap knockoff version of itself. People were really confused why a line they'd reviewed some of before was suddenly so awful across the board, until they pieced together that it was just the walmart version that was awful.


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