24 August 2015


Swapped out the old followers in The Lovely Harvey's M&P magazines for the newest design on a "just in case" basis.

Her old one on the left and a new one on the right.

I've heard tales of the older style splitting and jamming the magazine, so an ounce of prevention is applied here.

I also noticed that the baseplate on her older magazines is different from my newer ones.

The list of revisions in the M&P pistol line-up are legion.


  1. There are multiple types of Glock magazine, too.

    1. HATER! You probably have a 1911!

      Wait, so do I. And a Glock. And an M&P (because of YOU I might add!).

      For the M&P mag I've counted three different followers and two different baseplates.

      For the Glock... I think I have three different revisions for my 21 and I only have four magazines. And I don't have one that will work in the Gen 4, so that's four magazine revisions now. What's the 17 up to? Five official?

      The legion of revisions is about the M&P overall. At one point we had three here of various manufacturing dates and we did a "spot the differences" game. Nominally the same model and SKU, but different sear block, different rifling, different frames.

      Glock does the same thing with their generations, really.

      I guess it seems different because S&W is just making the changes and motoring on and Glock is all *NEW* *IMPROVED* *NEXT GENERATION OF PERFECTION* about it when they make revisions. I honestly can't remember if it's Glock or the fanbois doing the touting either.

      Also the wars between the 1911 and Glock fan bases highlight any flaw found in the "perfection" and the rebuttals usually mention the fixes.

    2. Is there any sort of indication something has changed, like a rev number on the frame? This is what killed the AMC Rambler in the 60's. If you could even find the part with the same part number it still might not fit because something was changed mid-production and no notice made of it for spares.

    3. For Glock the rolling changes are unmarked, but are backwards compatible (except for some Gen4 specific things).

      S&W's have some milled dots that some claim show revision level, but I think turned out to be an internal marking to be able to see which milling machine was used. Again, the parts are backwards compatible; except for the sear block. Which sear block is correct for your gun is a little confusing once you get to the ordering stage, but normally shouldn't matter unless you're buying an Apex trigger kit.

  2. First I've heard of the followers. Thanks. And to Tam for the link over.

    I'm not a fan of the new base plates. At least the new ones I've seen with square holes. Stress riser anyone? Maybe the newest new ones fixed that?

    1. The two months ago purchased magazine has the same baseplate as the two that came with my made in 2011 9mm.

      They might be done revising the magazine.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the tip!

    I, being a seasoned Tier One Operator carry a Colt brand 1911. And not because it's the only full sized gun I can get in between my beer gut and Levis, but the LadyFriend carries an M&P and I'll be sure to do this.


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