25 August 2015

Where The Heck Have I Been

I guess I am not sexist enough.  I had no idea Andre Norton was a woman.

I just read what books of hers that came to hand and if the first chapter hooked me, kept reading.

This is right up there with learning that Alexandre Dumas was black.  Though with him I watched far more movies based on his books than reading.

You'd think the identity of the authors would matter to me a lot more than it does since I'm trending on the Sad Puppy side as more details reach me, wouldn't you?

Since anyone who leans towards the Sad Puppy side is a misogynist racist homophobe nazi klansman who probably murders a kitten every morning for our bloody marys.


  1. "who probably murders a kitten every morning for our bloody marys."
    We have a service just like the milkman of old :D

  2. Yeah, but when did you stop beating your wife? ;)

    1. She wants me to stop beating her, she can buy a faster car.


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