22 August 2015

Injustice Inside Information

A son of a friend has been shot in a home invasion.  Dead center in his left knee-cap, will prolly be OK in time.

Apparently this is the fifth such invasion and the same description of three suspects and an SUV.

This SUV has been sighted trolling the area, particularly near the son's house.

You'd think that the sheriff would be balls on to catch these people, wouldn't you?


Sheriff Chris Nocco's detectives have determined that since the son was (note the past tense) a well known juvenile offender (no felonies!) that this home invasion and shooting must be because he's a drug dealer, so no need to investigate.


How did they determine the, now 23, kid was a drug dealer?  He had a small safe with a fair amount of cash in it and his mom found a glass pipe while she was helping with the clean-up.

It appears that the unofficial policy is that as long as the savages are hurting each other, to let them run rampant and the finding of so much as a single item of paraphernalia, such as a pipe, makes you a druggie.  Especially if you take the political position that marijuana should be legalized and say so on Facebook.  Isn't it nice that you can be written off by law enforcement if you hold a political position that's disagreeable to the sheriff?

Even more fun is five home invasions in the same neighborhood in the past two months in the same general neighborhood didn't even deserve a mention to the media.  I'm of a mind to mention it myself now.

I was willing to forgive Nocco's changing the deputy's uniforms to OD Green, and their starting to look more like troops than law enforcement, because it seemed like he was doing a good job of keeping the peace.

It now appears, to this voter, that all he's doing is not talking to anyone who'd relay the actual state of criminality to me; i.e. the local media.

He barely survived being primaried last election, so he's vulnerable to be deposed by his own Republican party.  And since he's a non-signer of NFA paperwork, how would he be different from a Democrat?

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