14 August 2015

Visiting The 2,000 Worlds

I am attempting to grok the K'Kree.

I think the Hiver are easier because they're so totally alien physiologically you can't start from anywhere but zero.

I think they're going to be easier than Vargr because they're alien enough to avoid some preconceptions whereas the Vargr are remarkably similar to Humaniti in enough ways that the differences end up being subtle.

And I am ever so amused that Traveller has militant xenophobic obligate herbivores and the race called Vegan isn't it.


  1. Some of the most dangerous land animals on Earth are vegetarian---Cape buffalo and hippopotamusses come to mind. A herd of Cape buffalo is bad enough that even lions, leopards and other apex carnivores will pass on attacking, and a hippo can and has bitten people in two pieces. The fact that they were spat out after as not fit for hippopotamus consumption was, no doubt, a great consolation.

    1. The North American White Tailed Hoofrat kills more people than cancer.


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