27 August 2015

In GURPS Pi Is Three

Thanks to Pirate Fashions I got a crash course in the fine distinctions of the locks between wheel lock and flintlock.

There's lots of different lock styles that use a flint that while they're flint locks they aren't flintlocks.

In vaguely chronological order...

Miquelet or Spanish Lock.
Doglock or English Lock.
Flintlock or True Flintlock or French Lock.

And subtypes and variants.

The distinctions center around the location of the springs, working of the sear, working of the cock, if the pan cover is automatically retracted, if the pan cover is part of the frizzen and if there's a frizzen or just a steel.

In the real world there's some real difference how these operate so that if you're thinking in one system, it can trip you up working another.

In GURPS they're all the same skill, with familiarization.

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