14 August 2015


If the reason I own a gun is penis envy, explain the girls.

I know several gun owning women who can easily get all the penis they want who own guns.  At least one doesn't want any penis at all.

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  1. This sort of thing used to absolutely enrage my mother. She was a real live psychologist (yes, I know...the cobbler's children are always the worst-shod, and the roofer's cottage is the leakiest in the village) and she had no time or use for Freud. Even so, she knew enough to know that this sort of thing is a deliberate distortion of what Freud said. When she heard this, I would roll my eyes, and say: "Mom...Mom...don't do it! Please don't do the Bad Things again! Do you have any idea of how tiresome it gets, cutting up and disposing of the bodies of everybody who calls you a homicidal maniac?"


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