11 August 2015

It Is Not 1985

But you'd never be able to tell from so many gun parts sellers.

My quest to obtain a replacement firing pin for my Star B is reaching epic frustration levels with the seller.

His archaic web page, which is just an image of his paper inventory sheet, lets me fill out an order form that would be at home in the center of a circa 1985 Numrich catalog.

No shopping cart, enter the name of the part in its box, the part's number in its box, how many you want, the price, do the quantity times price math...  Subtotal... add tax if your in his state (I'm not) then shipping...

All manually like you were filling out the form on paper before there was teh intertubes.

You hit send and then you hope and "allow two weeks for delivery" because LITERALLY his wife makes the trip to the post office once a week with the orders.

Hope wasn't enough.  His order form failed and two weeks passed without parts.

He's very responsive to email, I am happy to report, and neither of us is yelling at each other.

I spent more time than it should have taken to get my bank to confirm that my card had not been charged.  The seller made sure I checked so that I wouldn't get gigged twice for the parts.  I appreciate that!

He's put it on his wife to give me a call and we'll complete the order over the phone like it's 1960 or something.

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