19 August 2015

First Eagles 2

A sort of review...

Great War planes are slow.  Slower than Cessna slow.

They are also a lot more work to fly, even simplified like the game is.

You have to give it rudder to counteract the prop torque.  Trim what tabs?

The amount of rudder changes with airspeed and power setting too.

Next is the gun sights, or lack thereof.

On the Albatros, the convergence point is a little solid block up front between the guns, not a gunsight at all.  Not that it matters except in the most steady state trailing shot.  Kentucky windage is the preferred method.

Get in close, no closer, NO closer, NO CLOSER.  Like fill your sight picture with his plane.  That's about 100 yards for range.  Then it's astonishing how many rounds don't connect with anything vital.  You can perforate the wings and fuselage of a WW1 plane and not affect it's performance much, let alone kill it.

After a couple hours in an Abatros, you're not going to think of an F-4B as lumbering or wallowing anything.  The Phantom is fast, responsive, accelerates quickly and is very predictable.

These planes are frustratingly stable, they feel like they actively resist maneuvering.  This is good for staying in the air at all, but not so great about pointing the guns.  The good news is everyone has this problem.

That said, the turning circles are amazing.  Of course, at 100 mph you're not pulling very many G and you're bleeding energy like a stuck pig.

Yet, I am having a great time!  Learning something new, these games always inspire me to look up the historical information.

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