03 August 2015

Rain Rain Go Away

It's been raining solid for about a week here.

Not a gentle rain, but torrential nearly all day everyday with a stalled front right on top of us.

I can't find an online source, but the news said 18" in the past week.

Update:  The nearest station shows 25.50" for July, all but 2.2" have been from the 17th on.  12.25" from the 24th when we had the first round of flooding.  Then we've had 5" in the past three days.

I am astonished how a couple of inches a day, every day, adds up!

This is how it looks down the road from my front porch!

People are taking advantage of the empty lot where the house used to be to get their cars out of the worst of it.

Zoomed in to gauge the depth...

The dip on the street I live on is filling in too.

Because of the slope in my front yard, I'm about three feet above the present water level, I should be OK.  Fingers crossed.

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