13 August 2015

XKCD Was Right

But if I had a shot of scotch for every time I see American history revised around the Native American and his innocent noble nature; I'd open a distillery and rebottle that shit because I couldn't drink it fast enough to dent the supply.

There's enough atrocity to go around on both sides.

What makes people all weepy over the noble savage is they were massively overmatched and the people weeping are descendants of the victors in this war.

War?  Singular?  Try wars, plural.

Again, there's enough blame to go around on both sides.

If the American Indian was wholly innocent and never went back on their word, never murdered anyone, never massacred settlers and never committed a single atrocity...  Maybe...

But that's not true.

The conflict in the US West was mutual and it was a fight to the death.  Both sides wanted the fight, and got it good and hard.

1 comment:

  1. Popular entertainment has always tended to rewrite history to follow fashionable opinion. It so happens that right now, Indians are seen as noble martyrs instead of evil vermin.


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