15 August 2015

Wanna Make College Affordable

Take away all the money.

It's counter intuitive.

All giving people money to pay for college has done is raised tuition.

Look it up.

When that fountain of funding dries up the colleges and universities are going to have to lower tuition, justify the costs to the students or die off.

In a generation we went from being able pay tuition at a state college with what's a minimum wage job today to an associates degree at a community college costing more than Harvard did in the 1950's.

The actual material being taught did not actually become more valuable.

The best they can do to sell the education is that you're likely to make more over your lifetime than someone without a degree, but they forget to subtract paying off your tuition and student loans.

Never mind that where you went to school still matters a great deal more than what you learned when it comes time to get a job.  I've watched The Lovely Harvey talk rings around a Yale grad at an office party.

She's got her MBA from the same rinky-dink defunct Corinthian College school I went to.  She definitely knows more than that Yale MBA does about the subject matter, and he admitted it.

Guess who's making more money and has the higher position?

They're friends, so she could conceivably network out of it, and that underscores that it's not what, but whom you know.

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