27 August 2015

Bought My Last E-Book

Going back to paper exclusively.

Don't publish on paper?  No sale.


Because not once in nearly 50 years of reading has my paper library been rendered inaccessible from a mandatory update to the software.

There's how old Gutenburg Bibles that still work pretty much as originally published?

In ten years you're not going to have a single book you paid for from Amazon unless you've also dropped on a new computer and taken it in the shorts with whatever OS Apple, Android or Microsoft decide to stuff there.

I'm already keeping this ancient machine running because I don't want to lose the games I've paid good money for, but at least they're properly abandoned by the publisher so there's little chance of an update killing them.

1 comment:

  1. You don’t have to abandon all ebooks to avoid that problem. Some of the Kobo and all of the Baen libraries are published in unlocked, documented formats that everybody is allowed to implement.


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