25 August 2015


All you have to do is to keep your damn traps shut and I'll keep clicking on your comic.

Open your trap and I'll have no recourse but to find something else to read.

This is why you shouldn't have a blog at the bottom of your strip.  You're apt to say something that will alienate a reader so they go away and never return.

This is why I am not excited about the return of Bloom County (Although Mr Breathed did it in editorials in the newspapers that carried his strip and not on a blog).  It's why I quit reading a very amusing pro-gun comic, Failure to Fire.  It's why I'm quitting Schlock Mercenary.

Authors are a special kind of dancing monkey, I guess.

In Howard Tayler's case, I'm not going to support anyone who's cheering about the result of this years Hugos.  The entire camp on that side of the debate has nothing they should be celebrating and should feel nothing but shame.  They did nothing admirable and deserve no congratulations for being the bullies Larry Correia predicted and proved they'd be.

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