03 August 2015

Must Be Racism

One of my neighbors has put his heart and soul into his house and the flooding came halfway up his lawn.

He was out when the clouds broke, fixing what he could.

Some "idle youths" were wandering the neighborhood doing the same thing The Lovely Harvey and I were doing.  Checking out how bad things were.

The neighbor stood at the corner of his property and kept the youths under observation their entire transit up the block and around the corner.

Should I mention that both he and the youths were of the same complexion?

Should I mention that it's much darker than my pale-blue Scottish hue?

We kept a bit of an eye on them too, to be honest.  There's been some break-ins at homes where the residents evacuated already.  I am pretty sure the kids were some of the local teens and generally harmless.  We don't live in the 'hood and neither do they.

Or is this my white pale-blue cisgender privilege talking?

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