11 August 2015


I enjoy Deadliest Catch.

It's interesting to see National Geographic say that the arctic ice is all but gone while these crab fisherman are ALL saying that the ice is farther south sooner than it was even a couple years ago and how several places their parents fished are just no longer accessible because of where the ice is nowadays.

I tend to believe the fishermen because their interest is entirely in filling their holds and don't have anything vested in making things seem different than they are.  Even if they were, there's constant footage of their map displays and you can see the damn ice out the windows.  The ice is where they say it is.

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  1. Back when I was working with fishermen on George's Bank we kept catching all sorts of fish the .gov said we weren't catching anymore.

    I was collecting data for NOAA so they could better regulate the fishing industry....only the truth was that the industry was OVER regulated and the truth would result in massive layoffs.

    It doesn't take a sinister conspiracy to get things like Climate Gate, it's just people who have a choice: Tell the truth, or prop up their pointless job.


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