19 August 2015

Getting Pissed

There are some things in customer service that drive me batty.

This firing pin for the Star is getting to be one of them.

If you're not going to bother with an online ordering system that works, just don't bother with a web page.

When your online ordering system fails, don't put the entire onus on the customer.

When you insist that the customer check to see if their card had been billed NOW instead of in a few days when the statement arrives because, "I would love to get this taken care of sooner than later if possible," you'd better have your shit together when the card information is straightened out.

You don't hand off the responsibility to someone else when the customer confirms for you that his card had not been charged.

You make sure they don't wait two days before following up as you said they would after YOU said, "I would love to get this taken care of sooner than later if possible."

Once they do call, you get the fucking parts in the motherfucking mail the next cocksucking day!


The post office might be slow, but they're not this slow.

I put in the initial order on July 22nd.  I waited two weeks before complaining.

That puts us to August 7th.

There's three days of emails back and forth trying to get him to see if he'd been paid before he admits that he's got no system for checking to see if a particular customer has been charged if his ordering system fails like it just did.

So I called my bank on the 10th and spent two hours on the phone because you can't just talk to a person anymore to learn that my card had not been charged, because he was in a hurry and couldn't wait two more days for my bank statement.  I emailed him my findings minutes after learning them.

His wife called me on the 12th.

Still no parts.

For someone who can't wait two or three days he's sure generous with my time.

Do not do business with Bob's Gun Parts out of Royal, Arkansas if you can in any way avoid it.

If you are in Royal Arkansas and see his shop on fire, there's a gas station just up the street where you can piss without accidentally putting the fire out.

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