30 August 2015

Ignurt SOB

My first carry method was small of back and it was with a Glock 17 in a floppy-ass Uncle-Mike's nylon holster.

I was ignorant.  I literally didn't know any better and there was nothing to teach me.  Never mind that I was carrying illegally, because may issue Iowa gave a lot of authority to the local sheriff and Story County didn't issue permits to pizza drivers.

It seemed to make sense, it was comfortable, the gun was out of the way, and unless you bent over or sat down, well concealed.  But sitting down... driving for any length of time meant you'd be wanting a chiropractor and it was utterly useless for riding the motorcycle because you'd be open carrying in short order when the wind pulled up the back of your shirt.  Additionally the placement of the gun back there really added to the chances that a car accident would break something you wanted to keep (like your spinal column).

At the time there just wasn't anywhere to turn for better information and the fact that I was committing a misdemeanor didn't make me want to advertise I was packing.

It turned out my most common form of carry was off-body in my gaming bag.  A flight helmet bag has all kind of room and numerous pockets that are perfect for a full-size handgun and a couple of magazines.  It's also an illustration that when you make it illegal for someone to carry at all, they also don't care that you've banned guns from a given location.  I campus carried in that bag too; almost as if the magic gun free zone barriers are completely ineffective.

That was more than 20 years ago too.  Statute of limitations and all that.

Now carry permits are easy to get with shall-issue laws and there's a plethora (ask for El Guapo) of sources to learn what the pluses and minuses of any given gun/holster combination.

Now I buy my clothes with concealment in mind.  I've expanded my arsenal and have guns that are more tailored for concealed carry than a full-sized service pistol.  I have holsters that hold the guns in place and help hide it.

If I need advice, I can just ask because there's nothing untoward going on.

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