23 August 2015

Like The Weather

The Hugo awards...

It was interesting watching the controversy, but...

I realized that I did not care before the whole Sad Puppy thing and that I don't care now.

Just like the movies I really like tend to not get Oscars; the books I like don't get Hugos.

All you can do about it is to buy the products you like and not buy the products you dislike.

If you dislike the organization that puts out the award, you should stop paying them too.  For the Hugo that means you need to not go to the convention or pay for a membership.

If you're paying them you really can't complain you're getting what they're selling.

It's like I've long said, if you're not stealing from Hollywood, you're paying for Hollywood.  And even stealing it, you're not getting your money's worth.

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