01 May 2016

My Problem With Podcasts And YouTube Videos


With text I can proceed at my own pace and back up instantly if I think I missed something.

With audio or video, I am forced to progress at the presenter's pace and if it's too damned slow (and it often is) my mind will wander and I will definitely miss something.

So I have to figure out where I actually lost track of the presentation and relisten.

Again at the presenter's pace, not mine.


  1. The audio quality of many of them is outright shite, too. Drives me crazy. A guy I like did a supposedly killer interview with Scott Adams (Dilbert) and I could only make it through a few minutes because of the lack of sound quality.

  2. My problem is a general lack of understanding of the word "edit". Most videos are far too long for their content. I'm not saying they need to be paced like the aggressively edited TV news shows, but most of them could be cut 30% or more without losing an instant of content. Yes, it takes considerably more time and work to produce a short video than a long one.

    That said, I probably violate that guideline, too. I have a handful of short videos up. They're either my machines cutting metal, or someone's models. I keep them short because even while I find it entertaining to watch my tools making parts for me, I don't want to watch them do it again in real time.

  3. I STRONGLY prefer to read information than listen or watch - I generally read much faster than video or audio presents information; the only time I watch videos is when they actually provide information via the moving pictures, primarily when showing a non-obvious disassembly or assembly sequence.

  4. I've many a time pondered doing a youtube review series for gear, entitled HIGH SPEED REVIEWS. There was a time, way back when I first started looking into gear reviews, where you'd get a little talking and lots of demo+talk in the span of 2-3 minutes. Then it turned into talking. And more talking. And oh god why won't you shut up I'm not here to listen to your life story get on with it.

    My goal would be all normal reviews under a minute, with a long in-depth review tipping at most 5.

    1. Another "favorite" of mine is the still life with a video camera while they drone on and on and on.


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