01 May 2016

Statistical Aberration

In GURPS a 16" 7.62x51mm NATO rifle does 6d pi out to 800/3,500.

A 16" 6.8x43mm SPCII rifle does 6d pi out to 820/3,500.

The 6.8, with a 5x optic and 25 rounds on board is 9.6 lb. and you can can actually shed a lot of weight from this example!  Stripping off the known to be heavy MagPul stuff and converting to a carbine stock drops it down to 8.7 lb. loaded with the 5x optic!

A 16" FAL with iron sights and 20 rounds loaded is 9.8 lb.

Spare FAL magazines are 1.6 lb. and spare 6.8 magazines are 1.3 lb. for 25 rounders and 1.7 lb. for 30 rounders (of course adding more beans adds to the overall weight too).

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